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Time - 2023

make time for yourself


A 33-Day Meditation Program


"World Meditation Day" (21st May)


"International Day of Yoga" (21st June)

* Program launches on 20th May with prep session



20th May to

21st June 2023



6:00am-7:30am IST

7:30pm-9:00pm CST

10:30am-12:00pm AEST

Q & A


Dedicated Q & A Session

where you can ask

your questions with the master

Have you ever wondered whether you are living your life the way you want/wanted? Or have you settled for the status quo?


Is your Inner Monologue friendly, calm, and encouraging?

Are you always finding yourself in positive energy .. even when things are bleak?

Is your belief system empowered and is it based on 'living in the present moment'?

Are you leading a life free of stress and free of Incessant chatter in your mind?

Are 'Joy and Bliss' your daily pitch on which you operate? Or do you spend time worrying about insignificant things?

Are you always stuck in the material world ignoring the truth of impermanence?

Please take a moment to reflect on Yourself

Contemplate a bit and become Self-aware

Our journey to Self-awareness is far more important than we think it is and 'NOW' is always the perfect moment to give the right direction and accelerate positive progress in life.


Knowing your thoughts and belief patterns, knowing emotions and perceptions, and knowing your overall conditioning of mind is essential before you reprogram yourself to your infinite potential.


Transformation needs TIME

And unless you give time for Yourself... nothing really changes.

So, give time for yourself to Heal your Body, Mind and Soul completely and revitalize all aspects of your well-being

We came up with 'MY Time' only to assist you in your effort of Self Transformation

We welcome you to join this beautiful program and make a TRUE difference to Yourself.

About 'MY Time'

MY Time is a 33-day program, your digital spiritual companion designed to energise, detoxify, and create the foundation for an OPTIMAL YOU.

'MY Time' is the name given for the time duration between 'M' .. the World Meditation Day (21st May) and 'Y' .. the International Day of Yoga (21st June). We chose the time between 'The World Meditation Day' and 'The International Day of Yoga' (a period of roughly over a month..) to resonate with the world’s intent of prioritizing SELF and creating the overall well-being of individuals and therefore the whole world.


In this program .. We will conduct 'Daily Meditation' and 'Wisdom  sessions' which will help us in the healing of body and mind & revitalize all aspects of your well-being .. and will connect you to your soul state of 'Joy, Bliss and Smile'

Only 'Regular Practice of Meditation' can help us to rise above the distractions and obstacles & can reconnect with our true self and potential.

Speakers' viewpoints and suggestions do their part in guiding us and keeping us on the right path.


All we will do in these 33 days of time is making yourself the priority .. You deserve it.


Love yourself enough to nurture yourself during this period. 

Let us give 'MY time' an opportunity to make a REAL difference to YOU.


Let us rediscover the MAGNIFICENT YOU.


Let us unveil the NEW YOU


Let us join the euphoria happening in the whole world between the World Meditation Day and the International Day of Yoga 


ACT now and join this program for a life-transforming experience.

Sign up now for 'MY Time'!

During this online program,
we will focus on different themes each week

WEEK - 1:

Meditation and Breath

Dive into the transformative power of meditation and learn how to attain stillness. 

WEEK - 2:

Health and Wellness

Explore the world of health and wellness, and learn valuable tips and techniques for living your best life. From nutrition to fitness, this week is all about taking care of your body and mind.

WEEK - 3:

Thoughts and Emotions

Understand the mysteries of your own thoughts and emotions, and discover how they shape your reality. This week is all about building emotional intelligence and resilience.

WEEK - 4:

Manifestation and Abundance

Open up to the limitless possibilities of abundance and discover how to tune into prosperity to deeper connections with others. This week is all about tapping into the power of intention.

WEEK - 5:

Purpose (Self-Realization and Service)

Awaken to your true purpose and potential, and realize how to live a life of meaning and service. This week is all about self-discovery and finding your unique path in the world.

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