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About Us


The International Federation of Spiritual Scientists (IFSS) recognizes the importance of spirituality in shaping society and aims to create a powerful Spiritual Transformational Movement in India. The organization aims to unify the efforts of Spiritual Masters from India and the World to create a movement that can impact and enhance all aspects of the Indian Democratic System, including the Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, and Media. By doing so, IFSS aims to contribute to the creation of a harmonious and peaceful environment where every individual is guided by spiritual wisdom and knowledge.


IFSS believes that bringing together Spiritual Masters from across India and the World will help raise awareness about spiritual teachings and ideas to a larger audience. By doing so, IFSS aims to create a society where every individual is rightly guided by spiritual wisdom and knowledge. The organization believes that spirituality can help individuals find a sense of purpose and meaning, leading to personal growth and development. Moreover, spirituality can help create a sense of interconnectedness, leading to a more harmonious and peaceful society.


The Spiritual Transformational Movement envisioned by IFSS will impact all vital sectors of society, including healthcare, education, human resources development, government administration, agriculture, and eco-management. By taking a holistic approach to these sectors, the Nation will be better equipped to handle the challenges that arise and ensure the well-being of its citizens. IFSS believes that by integrating spiritual values and principles into these sectors, society can achieve a more sustainable and equitable future.

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